Hold on

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I just wanted to hold on.", "Now, hold on, charley. hold on.", "Suction. hod it. hold on a minute. there's more in there."
Hold on there, boy. Hold on and make sure they're down! Hold on. hey. hey. what the fuck is seth doing here? Hold on, what camp is this? Hold on. mom! Grab on to me! hold on! Hold on a second. But then i realized, wait, hold on. I can't hold on. Just hold on. Hold on. we are in business, and correct me if i'm wrong, but that is business. Hold on, okay? Hold on, baby. Hold on. wait for me. I don't know why, but somehow i just don't manage to hold on real long. Hold on, there. wait one damn minute. Hold on to your butts. Hey, hold on a minute. Why don't you hold on and i'll see? i sure will. thank you very much. You're gonna hold on to me with threats, right? Wait, wait, wait. hold on. Hold on, mark. Just hold on here. Yeah. all right, buddy. hold on. Hold on, nicky. Hold on one second. all right. Hey, hold on. wait for me. Hold on one moment, please. But hold on, stop the presses. Okay. just hold on one second. Make sure you hold on to something. Uh, hold on. wait a second. Now hold on, sis. No. hold on. Whoa. hold on, hold on. Now, hold on. Oh. hold on. Okay. hold on, you guys. You all right? hold on. Wait a minute. hold on, ben. Hi, charlie. yeah, i did. hold on. Hold on a minute! wait a minute! No, stan, listen to me. hold on now. Hey, hold on here. let me out. thank you. Wait a minute, give me somebody else. yeah, sure, hold on. Hold on just a little bit longer. Hold on. hold on. Hold on. you feeling limber ? Jack, hold on a second. we're doing this together. Listen rico, i don't care what those clowns said, i want men on every... wait a minute. hold on a second. What? yes, i'll hold on. Let's go. all right, hold on. hold on. Hold on, olivia, wait. Yes. hold on. Conspiracy office. can you hold on? Uh, you might want to hold on to this. Hey, hold on. Hold on! It's a good thing. you hold on to it. Okay. hold on. Hey, hold on man! Just hold on there a minute. okay. Yes, yes. hold on, hold on. Oh, wait, no wait, hold on. And how does he hold on to a bounty such as you? Get a load of this guy! oh, wait. hold on. Hold on. that... doesn't make any sense. she loves piano. Shit. hold on a second. 'hold on. hold on. Oh, now, now, hold on, hold on. Okay. let me hold on one second, please. Hold on there, little buddy. Hold on! hold on! Get out. hold on one second. Hold on. this whole operation was your idea. Did i miss something? hold on. Wait, hold on, sanderson? doesn't that guy date your sister? All right, everybody, hold on to somethin'. Hold on, what was that voice? You just hold on to your tongue! We hold on rhonda, and then there is the sound of screeching brakes. I'll just hold on to it. Hold on. josh! Oh, no. okay. hold on. Hold on a minute. Hey! hold on! Everybody hold on. I hold on to affiliates who wanted entertainment from us. Hold on to the wheel for a bit. Howard, hold on. Hold on. sorry. what do you mean, "threats?" Can't do it. hold on. Hold on one second, sir. One thing i will try to hold on to, though, is the memory of speaking here today. Suction. hod it. hold on a minute. there's more in there. Now, hold on, charley. hold on. I just wanted to hold on. on hold