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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hi. hello, stacy.", "Hi! hello! you are such a beautiful girl.", "Hi, danielle. hi. hello."
Claudla: yes, hi! hello! Hi, hello. it's mitch. mitch henderson. Stop! stop! ruf on the road! hi. hello. hello. Hi hello Hi. hello, hello, aboy. Hi. hello. Hi. hello. hi. I'm gonna save you. hi? hello? okay. Hey, dad. hi. hello, homer. Hi, guys. hello. hi, hi. hello. Hi. hello, bud. Hi! hi... ! hello Hi! hello. Hi. hello? Hi! hello! Hi. hello, mr. castorini. Hi. hello, anna Hi. hello. hi. may i help you? Hi. hello, mate. Hi. hello. how are you, lisa? Hello? hey. hi. hello. Hello. hi. hello, darling. Hi. hello, my sweet. Hi. hello, everyone. Okay, where i grew up, when you meet someone new, you're supposed to say "hi, hello!" "how are you?" I'd jog by, "hi, hello, " you know, that sort of thing. Hi! hello, ann. Hi. hello mr. host with the most. Hi. hello! hello! you got here. Hello, andy. hi. hello ? Hi. hello, how are you? Hi! hello, girls! Hi. hello, dorothy. Yes, we are. hi. hello. Oh, hi! hi! hello. hi. Hi. hello, trouble. i like your hair. Hi. hello, mrs. boss. Hi. hello. hello, new york. Hi. hello, zeljko. Oh, hey. hi. hello. Hi. hello. i'm fine. here you go. Hi. hello. hi, britney. Hello! hi, humphrey, hi, hello. Hi, danielle. hi. hello. Hi! hello! you are such a beautiful girl. Hi. hello, stacy. hello hi