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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "St. elizabeth. hello, this is dr., uh, edison"
Hello. this is marta. Well, hello. this is jim. Hello, this is mark watney, astronaut. Hello... this is me. Hello. this is pamela landy. Hello, this is dr. bruner. I mean, hello. this is good. Hello, this is sister aloysius beauvier, Hello this is eight billion, seven hundred and seventy five million, forty eight thousand, four hundred and twenty three we triangulate from four satellites, pick up the heat signal and reconstruct. Hello? this is larson. Hello. this is alma. Hello, this is captain sharp, over. Hello? this is fun. Home stretch. hello. this is allison scott. Hello, this is the worst chess player in the world calling the best chess player in the world. Hello? this is melvin belli. "hello, this is dr. oatman. Hello. this is bethan. i'm afraid i can't get to the phone. Hello. this is ben fongtorres calling from rolling stone. Yes? hello, this is carrie. Hello, this is lee. Hello. hello, this is ennis del mar. Hello? yes, hello, this is mrs. lipton. Hello, this is sister margaret from st. mary's maternity unit. Hello, this is emily posa. Hello, this is captain sharp. Hello, this is max cherry, cherry bail bonds. who's this, please?. Hello? hello, this is sheldon levene. Hello? hello, this is the los angeles police department. Hello. this is chief superintendent maxwell. Yes, hello. this is frank wills. Hello. this is pamela landy, c. i. supervisor. Hello. this is teddy hall. Hello, this is julie powell. Hello? this is detective hathaway. Hello. this is judge chamberlain haller. Hello, this is karen. Hello. this is big pat. Hello? this is the operator. Hello, this is officer downey with community corrections calling to reach wade cleland. Hello. this is fun. Hello. this is jacob singer. Hello, this is fred bishop, and betty, we're sorry to be unable to take your call right now, please leave a message with all the pertinent information, say goodbye, goodbye, thank you, it's simon. Hello, this is taylor calling from consolidated credit. Hello. this is me father, patsy. Hello, this is dr. parker. Yes, bridget. hello. this is barnard thompson here at the regent beverly wil Hello. this is, uh, rhoda williams. Hello, this is dr. oatman. Hello. this is herb stempel calling for mr. enright. Hello. this is dr nicole farmer's surgery. I thought that was you. hello. this is... Hello, this is back. Hello, this is paddy hughes speaking. Woman: front desk. hello, this is mike enslin. Hello. hello. this is god. is this reverend mueller? Hello, this is carol finnerty. who is this? Hello, this is blue bay high school. hello. Hello, this is andy. leave a message at the tone. Hello. this is walter... hello, walter. Hello, this is luis urzúa. can you hear me? Hello, this is miss jody. Hello, this is luis urzúa. Hello, this is john cale. cale? Hello, this is xandra from front desk. Hello. this is a coincidence. Hello. this is van. Hello this is lloyd. how are you doing, son? Hello? hello, this is special agent carol finnerty. Hello. this is dr. norman spencer. Hello. this is really golden shit. come on. Good god, hello. this is alex right here. mj. Hello? hello? this is walter garber, mta. Hello. this is the front desk. your guest has arrived. Nat, hello! this is college. Hello? this is a phone check. is that you, frank? Hello? hello, this is angela bennett. Hello. this is the residence of ordell robbie. Hello, this is chris. is mari... Yeah, hello. this is jack woodman. Hello, this is marty wolf. Hello, this is dr. angelo. Hello, this is detective mike brayu calling from hawaii county police department. St. elizabeth. hello, this is dr., uh, edison this is hello this