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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, this is arthur. is naomi there, please?", "Hello? this is leslie.", "Hello. this message is for melanie michaels.", "Hello, this is jack. and su."
Hello, this is mark watney, astronaut. Hello. this is pamela landy. Hello. this is ross williams calling. Hello, this is captain sharp. Hello, this is captain sharp, over. Hello, this is lee. Hello, this is helen horsham. Hello, this is emily posa. Hello. this is ron stallworth calling. Hello? this is larson. Hello. this is judge chamberlain haller. Hello. this is jacob singer. Oh, hello, this ain't lucky. Hello ? this is hips. Hello, this is alpha and beta. over. Hello. this is nina. Hello, this is back. Hello, this is ernestine, the operator. Hello. this is gorgeous. anybody out there read me? Hello. this is the recorded voice of s weinblatt. Hello, this is taylor calling from consolidated credit. Yes. yeah, hello, this is bo calling from the branding iron in austin, texas. Hello. this is me father, patsy. Hello, this is sister margaret from st. mary's maternity unit. Hello. this is teddy hall. Hello? this wilson? Hello. this is, uh, rhoda williams. Hello? this is detective hathaway. Hello? this is lieutenant bender. what are you doing? Hello? this is bender. Hello? this is bad. Hello, this is christine collins. Hello, this is the supervisor. how can i help you? Hello? this is ariel. Hello. this is harris. i'm in right now, so you can talk to me personally. Hello. this is a very special doll. Hello? hello, this is abe. Hello, this is abe. Hello, this is xandra from front desk. Hello, this is jonathan hart. Hello, this is the police department. Hello. this is the police department. please identify yourself. Hello. this is an emergency. i need help. Hello, this is bill rudolph at dell. Hello, this is jamie. Hello. this is a coincidence. Hello, this is natasha from modern vue technology. Hello this is jade from modern vue technology. Hello, this is chuck, to remind bill to shut up! Hello, this is vinessa. Yes, hello. this is allison morley speaking. Hello? this is richard. Hello? this is ninety one one . Hello. this is an emergency. we need this stuff. Hello. this is mr. barnette lloyd speaking. Hello, this is anna. Hello, this is carol finnerty. who is this? Hello? hello, this is brian. could i speak to abby, please? Hello, this is brian. yes? Hello. this is martin jackitansky from first federal mortgage. Yes, hello. this is the president of the neighborhood watch. Hello, this is remy. Hello. this is brandon monroe. Hello. this is jackson with the addiction services center. Hello? this is she. Hello, this is amy. Hello. this is ellie. Hello. this is bruce garrett. Hello. this is peyton. Hello. this is cj. Hello. this is jenny ferguson. Hello, this is lieutenant tibbs. Hello? this is him. Hello. this is the front desk. your guest has arrived. Hello, this is rebecca. Hello, this is rachel samstat. Hello, this is amarildo. can i help you? Hello. this is the falzone residence. Hello, this is doctor moon. Hello? this is doctor moon. Hello, this is noe international art gallery. Hello, this is james. Hello, this is sasha. hi someone's here to see you. Hello, this is dahlia's, how may i direct your call? Hello, this is sergeant black. we're coming back. Hello, this is judy wood. Hello. this is ray's mom, gilda. hi. Hello, this is pam. Hello. this is a message for nancy. Hello, this is your mommy speaking. Hello. this is jennifer. Oh, hello, this must be the yank totty! Yes, hello. this is bob dobbs of nova marketing. Hello? this is mayor owen. Hello, this is jack. and su. Hello. this message is for melanie michaels. Hello? this is leslie. Hello, this is arthur. is naomi there, please? this hello