Hello there

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, there, darling.", "Hello there, scotty.", "Hello, there, don, come on in.", "Well, hello there, councilman."
Hello there. Hello there! Well, hello there, chaps. Hello, there. Hello there. are you hurt? Hello there, little boy. Oh, hello there. Well, hello there. Hello there, charles. Well, hello there, boys! Hello, there! Well, hello there! Hello there. Hello there. hi. Who is that? hello there. Hello, there. where is everybody? Hello, there. here to see leonard cole. Hello there. let me ask you a question. Hello there, egyptians, pyramids and all. Hello there, georgie boy. Well, hello! hello, there! My friends. hello there. Hello, there. i'm sorry to bother you. it's jon banks. Hello there, my name is alex. Oh, hello, there. Hello. there you are. Hello there, ladies. Hello there. hello back... william bonney, sir. Hello there. come in. Hello there. how are you today? Well, hello there, sarcasm. how you been, stranger? Hello there. hello. Hello there, little lady. how are you doing? We don't have a day. hello, there. Well, hello there, bruce almighty. Hello there, son. Pleasure. well, hello there. Hey, there you are, doughnut. hello, there. Hello, there. excuse me. Hello there, young lady. Hello there, mangas. just the fellow i want to see. Hello there, mr. masterman. Hello there. i'm melanie mitchell, deputy press secretary. Hello there. someone attacked us. Hello, there. do you want something? well... Yeah. hello there. i'm declan mulqueen. Oh, hello there. good morning. Well, hello there, charlie. Hello there, charlie. Well, hello there. thank you. Hello there. hi. Sandra, hello there. Hello there, this is lyndon johnson. Hey. hello, there. Hello there, welcome to bodgy creek. Well, hello, there. Hello there, rose. this is martin here. Well, hello there, councilman. Hello, there, don, come on in. Hello there, scotty. Hello, there, darling. there hello