Hello sir

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Oh! hello. hello, sir.", "Hello, sir. pleasure.", "Hello? hello? sir? miss?", "Hello, sir. your papers.", "Hello, sir? are you part of the recovery team?", "Okay, that'd be great. hello? sir..."
Lieutenant. hello, sir. Hello, sir. Hello sir, bring us your best bottle of cabernet. Hello, sir. i am c3po, humancyborg relations. Hello, sir. my name's chris gardner. Oh, hello, sir. Hello, sir. this is, uh, mr. ramos's attorney. Hello, sir. how are you today? Fox! hello, sir. Oh, hello, sir. your change, please. Yes. hello, sir... are you the bugger that's been calling here all night and hanging up? Hello, sir. hey. Hello, sir tom. i'm a friend of harry's. Hello, sir. i am amit rohan. Hello? sir, this is tony stark. Hello? sir? adam! Hello, sir. would you like a newspaper to read? Hello. sir. Hello, sir. what can i get you? Hello? sir... Hello, trevor. hello, sir. Hello, sir. ma'am. Hello, sir. this is captain sharp. Hello, sir. colin, my boy! come in! Hey. hello, sir. Like the great speech james earl jones made in "field of dreams", hello sir. Good to meet you. hello, sir. Hello, sir. sorry for the wait. welcome to the bank. Hello? sir? sir? let me in! Hello? sir, there must be some misunderstanding... Hello, sir. would you like to buy some cookies? Hello, sir. a, uh, gin and tonic. Mr. berg. hello, sir. Hello? sir. Okay, that'd be great. hello? sir... Hello, sir? are you part of the recovery team? Hello, sir. your papers. Hello? hello? sir? miss? Hello, sir. pleasure. Oh! hello. hello, sir. sir hello