Hello mr

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello mr. thomas, i'm kathy franz.", "Hello, mr. mironov. i'm mr. wilson.", "Well, hello, mr. lynch. long time.", "Hello, mr. buchwald. i came� oh.", "Hello? mr reynolds, is everything all right?"
Hello? mr. ribbon. Hello, mr. ronald fryer. Hello, mr. palermo? i'm sorry. Hello? mr. van orton? it's maria. Hello, mr. yakamoto. welcome back to the gap! how'd those assorted tank tops work out for you? Hello? oh, hello, mr. david. Hello, mr. branson. Hello, mr newton. it's me, william. Hello, mr. duffy. this is keppler. Hello. mr. castro's office. Hello? mr. matthews? Oh, hello, mr. stubbs. come on in. Hello, mr odone. have i got that right? Oh, yes indeed, mr. johann. hello to you. hello, mr. johann. Hello mr. grauber. Hello, mr. fields. hello. Hello, mr. lee. Hello, mr. crompton. hello, betty. What's the matter with you, boy? we ain't got money to go wasting on your clumsiness! hello, mr. pettis. Hello, mr. mckay. Hi. hello, mr. castorini. oh. hi. Hello? hello, mr gopnik? Hello, mr. bach. you really should stay out of this. Hello? mr. werner? Hello. mr. clayton, i don't wanna be rude but the show called again and we really should be leaving. Hello? mr dawson? Hello, mr. gordon. uh, yeah. i'm here. Hello. mr trainer's office, please? Hello, mr. mitchum. this is doctor stark. Hello, mr. mitchum, this is doctor stark. Hello, mr. wilson. this is edna. Hello, mr. corso, delighted to see you again. Well, hello, mr. right. Hello mr fulton. he's not in. Hello, mr. walters. Hello, mr. lucas. Hello, mr. perkins? Not with an alpha clearance. alpha clearance? hello? mr... Hello, mr president? Oh, hello, mr. president. sorry to keep you waiting. Hello, mr. parker. Hello, mr. collins. Hello, mr. brown. Hello, mr jackson. hello, mr jackson. Hello? mr. parmitt? Hello? mr. lawson, where are you? Hello, mr. acapulco. Oh, hello, mr. hamilton. nice to meet you. Hello, mr. baker. Yes? hello, mr. stuart van ark? yes. Hello, mr vickers. i called you about an appointment. Hello, mr. taylor. welcome back. Hello, mr. vice president. Hello, mr. spengler. Hello? hello. mr. mitchum? Hello, mr. sanderson. Hello, mr. ballister. i'm detective shaw. nice to meet you. Hello, mr. james. we just got your email. Hello, mr healy. remember me? Hello, mr. percolo. this is ben. Hello, mr. gilmore. Hello ? mr. keller ? Hello, mr. davis. Hello, mr. kevin. Hello, mr president, i know your back is killing you, but i have a developing situation here and i must speak frankly. Hello, mr. warner. i don't usually make this call, but for you, i'm making a special exception. Hello, mr. evans, sorry to disturb you so late at night, but there's been some developments. Hello, mr, harper, hey, sam. how you doing? nice talking to you. Hello, mr. barnes. i'm here from st. ed's to ask if you'd be willing to make a donation to our annual christmas show. oh. Hello, mr. samuels. i wish i were here with better news. Hello mr. booker. good to see you! it's nice to meet you. Hello, mr. mitchum. it is so nice to meet you. This whole thing is absurd. hello? hello, mr. prime minister. Hello, mr. chase. i trust you had a pleasant trip. Hello, mr. dempsey. would you like to sit with me? Hello, mr. driscoll. it's so nice to meet you. This is goodbye, mr. screwup, and, hello, mr. responsibility. Oh, hello, mr. o'hanrahan. how is grace enjoying her break? i decided to use the time to go over a few of the basics with her. Hello? hello? mr. finkel? hello? hold on one second. Hello, mr. marco. how can i help you today? Hello, mr poirot. oh, my dear. how are you? Hello, mr. smith. it's fabulous to meet you, angela. Ah, heh. oh, um... hello, mr. lewis. how are you? hello, how are you? i'm al lewis. Hello? hello, mr. cox, this is martha... martha. hi. Hello, mr dillinger. thanks for coming back early. Hello, mr. kraft. did you get my invitation? Hello, mr. lincoln. where would you like to go? knbc news studio. one moment, please. Hello mr. smith, how's things with you? Hello, mr. fairfax. how's it going, charlie? Hello, mr. cavendish, feeling super this morning? Hello? mr. garrett. this is patrick barker. Hello, mr. kellogg. what do you need? Hello? mr reynolds, is everything all right? Hello, mr. buchwald. i came� oh. Well, hello, mr. lynch. long time. Hello, mr. mironov. i'm mr. wilson. Hello mr. thomas, i'm kathy franz. mr hello