Hello it's

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Keep it short. hello? it's baby.", "Hello, it's me... leave a message..."
Hello? it's maurizio. remember me? Hello, it's good to be here. Hello, nick? hello. it's working. Yeah? hello, it's vincent. Hello? it's walt. Hello, it's the cleaning lady. Hello? it's sunny. Hello... it's been a long time! Hello? it's tommy holiday. i look after ricky conlan. Hello. it's for you. Hello. it's good to see you. i can see why. Hello. it's scott. Hello? it's me. Hello? it's matt. Vin, hello, it's ana again at sunnyside. Hello, it's so nice to meet you. welcome to america. Ben... hello, it's art. Hello? it's me. oh, yes. Hello. it's me. Hello? it's time, seth. Hello? it's steve coogan. hey. Hello, it's bloody. Hello. it's me again. Hello? it's me, chad. Hello? it's for you. Morning. morning. hello? it's me. Hello? it's henry. Hello... it's a dog. Hello, it's melanie. melanie calling. on the radio. Hello? it's me. i got your kid. Hello? it's me. hi. hi. Hello? it's me. snakes. i got the stuff. Hello? it's not working, dad. Hello? hello, it's me. Hello. it's melanie. Hello... it's photo time! Hello. it's very nice to meet you. Hello. it's been a heavy day. Hello? it's jack taylor. Hello. it's your mother. Hello, it's laurel hester. Hello? it's lawrence. hello. What are sisters for? oh! and don't forget, house meeting at lunch. hello? it's been on the board since last thursday, tree. Hello, it's so good to meet you. Hello? it's for you, sam. Hello, it's walker. i'm in the uk with fergus. Hello?! it's a classic transformation story. Excuse me. hello? it's my wife. Marjorie, hello, it's florence. Hello? it's tommy. Hello. it's miranda. Hello? it's your uncle. Hello? it's about time. where you been, baby? Hello, it's me. Hello? it's mommy, angel. Hello, it's martin's phone. Hello. it's isabel. Hello? it's steve giardino. Hello. it's janet. Hello? it's burke. Hello? it's morf. Hello. it's been a long time. Mrs. lewis, hello. it's arlington steward. Maria, hello. it's me. who? Hello? it's dead out here and i'm hating you about now. Hello? it's ray. Hello? it's lauren wilde. Hello? it's her. you talk to her. Hello? it's about time you showed up, sullivan. Hey! hello! it's me! Hello, it's connie. it's me. Hello. it's agent thomas. Hello, it's mary for sylvie again. Hello? it's john. max is dead. really? yeah, gordon is the boss now... and he wants to see you. here? We've been dying to sign her for months. hello? it's a bad connection here. Hello, it's dr. howard. i'm not here right now. please leave a message. Hello, it's me. it's after five, and i'm here and you're not. Hello? it's too hot here right now. can't talk. Hello, it's daddy. darling, put mommy on the phone. Hello! it's dr. schultz from the village, you know. Oh, hello. it's, um... we're packing up. time to relocate. Hey. hello. it's nice to see you. Hello? it's carter. we got a problem. Hello. it's julian cristoforou at this end. Hello, it's me. what do you want? Hello? hello, it's me. is he there? Hello, it's me... leave a message... Keep it short. hello? it's baby. it's hello