Hello hello

Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello? hello, ma'am.", "Hello? hello, danielle?", "Yeah? hello? hello, jimmy?", "Hello, hello. hello."
Hello? hello, melissa? Hello. hello, howard? Hello! hello! Hello? hello? Hello. hello. Hello? hello, sophie. Hello? hello? can i help you? Hello, hello. good. Hello? hello chris? Hello? hello? hello? hello? Hello. hello? Hello. hello. good evening. Hello? hello? hello? Hello? hello. i have a question. What's that, bert? hello? hello? Hello. hello. Hello? hello! Hello? hello. uh... Hello! hello! is anyone out there? Hello? hello, i'm talking to you. There she is! hello! hello! hello. Hello? hello... How is wanting to eat good food being chipper? hello? hello? Hello? hello, sir. this is captain sharp. Hello. hello ? Hello, hello, hello. Hello, hello. Hello? hello, testing. Hello? hello, betty? Hello? hello. kathy? Here we go. hello! hello! : hello? hello? mrs. nelson? Hello. hello. who are you? Hello? hello, derek. Thank you. hello? hello. george? And did you remember anything he said? "hello." "hello. hello." Oh, hello. hello. Hello. hello, i'm from luxembourg. Hello? hello? nina? yeah. Hello? hello. Good evening, peter. hello? hello? Hello. hello! hello, paul. Hello. hello, desmond. yes. ^ hello. ^ hello. Mr. orton... hello. hello, dear. Hi. hello! hello! you got here. Hello. hello, ned. can we talk? Hello? hello, paul? Hi. hello. hello, hello. Hello! hello? Hello? hello, mrs. ryan? And i introduced mrs. white to colonel mustard. "hello." "hello." Hello, hello. hello. Yeah? hello? hello, jimmy? Hello? hello, danielle? Hello? hello, ma'am. hello hello