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Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Good morning! hello. good morning.", "Hello! good night, mama!... and my mother was my instructor.", "Hello, good evening. how are you?", "Hello? good morning, desmond.", "Hello? good evening, sir."
Hello? good morning, mrs. kramer. Hello, hello. good. Hello. hello. good evening. Hello. good evening. Professor, hello. good afternoon. Hello? good evening. back again. Hello, good morning, how are you. Hello, good morning, how are you? Hello, good afternoon. Hello? good day. Hello, good people! Hello. good afternoon. Yeah. hello. good morning, doctor. Hello? good morning, my name is martha plant. Hello? good evening. Yeah. mr. anderson's office. hello, good afternoon. Hello? good. Hello. good morning, johnny. Hello. good morning. Hello. good morning. Hello. good morning. or night, whichever the case may be. Hello. good day. yes. thank you. Hello, good evening, mr. ong. Hello, good sir! can you help me find some tomatoes? Hello, good sir! Hello. good mornin', rick. Well, hello. good to see you two again. So long, pet store. hello, good life. Hello good to see you. Hello? good evening, sir. can i ask you for something? Oh, thank god. hey! hello. good morning. Hello. good lord, what happened to you? oh, nothing. a hard landing. i cut my foot. Hello? good evening i'd like to book two flights from detroit to tanger. travelling at night. Hello. hello. good morning, everybody. what a lovely day! Hello. good day. i am your interpreter from konichiwa media group. Hello. good evening, sir. your boarding passes? thank you. Hello? : good morning, thisis your wakeup call. Hello. good afternoon. can i help you? Hello? good god! when was this? Hello? good lord! did i win the phone lottery? Hello, good evening, and welcome to "blackmail." Ah, yes, hello. good evening, the door was open. Hello, good people! thank you. thank you. Hello. good to see you again. Hello. good to see you. Hello. konichiwa. hello. good to see you. very good. Hello, good evening. Hello! good morning! Howdy, little one. hello, good sir. Hello? good afternoon, chili n such. Hey, hey, hello! good see you! Hello? good evening! How are you? hello. good. Lex. hello. good. Here, check it out. a. l. a. nope. hello. good afternoon. Hello? ah, hello! good morning! Hello? good evening, mr. marco. your masseur is here. Hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hello. good afternoon. Hello, good sir. west lndia quay, please. Hello. good day, mr shabandar. Oh, hello. good morning. Hello. good morning. hello, maria. Bonjour, milady. hello, good afternoon. Hello? good morning, mrs. miller. Hello. good morning. i'm home. This is chris. this is my father alec. hello. good to meet you. Have i been transferred again, for god's sake? hello? good god, will somebody talk to me? uh, hello... Hello? good evening, sir. Hello? good morning, desmond. Hello, good evening. how are you? Hello! good night, mama!... and my mother was my instructor. Good morning! hello. good morning. good hello