Hello bob

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Hello, bob. how's it going, pearl?", "Hello, bob. are you all right?", "Hello, bob, hope that's not my funeral they're going to!"
Hello, bob. wanna come over for dinner? Hello bob. Hello, bob. Hello? bob? Congressman bob easterly. hello, bob. how are you? Hello, bob. tell her you'll call her back. Hello? hello, bob? no, this... this is his father. Hello, bob. hello, jimmy. Hello, ruth! hello, bob! thanks for bringing the kids. how are you doing? Hello, bob. how you doing? Uhoh. there you go. hello, bob. thank you. Oh. hello, bob. Listen, i'm beginning to wonder. hello? bob, would you please hold the line? Hello? hello? bob, it's me. hello? it's lydia, your wife. Hello? bob, what's happening? are you getting closer? hello? bob? are you there? Hello? bob? boborino? bobcat? Hello, bob, hope that's not my funeral they're going to! Hello, bob. are you all right? Hello, bob. how's it going, pearl? bob hello