He's not here

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Jim, he's not here. you let your wife come to the door? He's not here, is he? Where's queenan? he's not here. Where the fuck is queenan, huh? he's not here. He's not here today, it'll be tomorrow. No, he's not here. come on, beast. He's not here. You mean he's not here? I'm sorry, he's not here. He's not here right now. He's not here. i know, i'm sorry. He's not here. you guys are wasting your time. So, is chip uh... no, he's not here now. He's not here to buy clubs. No, this is my uncle's house... but he's not here now. Something's wrong. he's not here. Well, he's not here. He's not here. thank you. Well, if he's not here, why are we here? Yes, though you better remind him of that fact he's not here to defend himself No, he's not here. The man who shot cornell, he's not here. Yeah, well, he's not here to get a suntan. You can't sit in his space. he's not here anymore. Aah! aah! where's jeb? he's not here. He's not here! if he's not there, then where is he? Yeah. but he's not here. Manny? where the fuck is he? he's not here. Thank you, sir. he's not here. Yes, there is, but he's not here right now would you like to leave a message? Ah, he's not my brother. he's not here. He's here, but he's not here. what do you mean? You want him to be paid even if he's not here? – he's not here. – gracias. Look, he's not here, so you... Gym, casino, front desk. nobody's seen doug. he's not here. Where's denny? how come he's not here yet? He's not here, he's in birmingham. I forget that he's not here sometimes. He's not here, hon. No. no, he's not here, mom. Now. he's not here. I'm sorry to say he's not here at the moment. Lopsang has the rope. he's not here! He's not here now, is he? He's not here! He's not here, dad. But the young man in the photograph, he's not here today. He's not here, charles. shaw's not here! he's left the sub! Where's herb brooks? how come he's not here today? Hmm. he's not here yet. Well, now he's not here. he's gone. vanished. history. Hey. hey, i'm looking for manny perez. he's not here. I'm very interested in that, but he's not here apparently. ... or what friends i have. he's not here. Yeah. no, he's not here. he's at school. Where is he? where is he? he's not here. Is he there and you can't taik? he's not here. He's here, but he's not here. I heard your husband could maybe no, he's not here right now,. He's not here to fuck me. He's not here. i don't know where he's at. Sorry. he's not here, sir. He's not here for the fuckin' boat race, is he? If he's not here, he's watching. i guarantee you. He's not here. park the cars down there where he won't see them. Where's kay? he's not here! he went... No. no, i'm afraid he's not here right now. He would have stood up. well, he's not here... He's not here, the little fuck. Well, he's not here any more! But... he's not here. He's not here yet, jacobim. Oh, he's not here? no, he leaves early. What? he's not here. Please! i'm glad he's not here to listen to this. Just be honest with yourself about why he's not here. Yes, i mean, i just stepped outside, but i'm telling you, he's not here. Well, he can't get on the phone right now, 'cause he's not here. I can't very well put him on if he's not here, now, can i, sport? Where's noah? he's not here. he's out. He's not here. he's not coming. Look, your brother really loved you, and just because you can't see him doesn't mean he's not here. Where'swhere's the groom? oh. oh. he's not here. No. if he's not here, he's not here. i should probably go. It's too bad he's not here to see it. Isn't he staying with... he's not here right now. not here he's not