He's not dead

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I'm... he's not dead.", "Oh, he's not dead. not yet."
No, he's not dead, but he will be if we don't get him taken care of. He's not dead, but he's going. he's going. He's not dead, ben. At least he's not dead. I don't know where marty is, but he's not dead. He's not dead. not yet. He's not dead yet. He's not dead, is he? Well, he was... only drafted today, so chances are, he's not dead yet. Obviously he's not dead, inspector. He's not dead. He's not dead. Yeah, turns out he's not dead, howard. We're lucky if he's not dead already... I saw him, i saw him clearly. he's not dead. He's not dead. he's just passed out. it's a condition. Well, he's not dead. listen. The man is probably dying, if he's not dead already, so i think the best thing to do is to get up there. Edie, he's not dead. He's not dead, he's just going to california. He's not dead. look, his stomach's moving. He's not dead, everything's fine. If he's not dead, he's rutting his way through the brothels of the barbary coast. If he's not dead. Many people die there. he's not dead, just lost. Why not? he's not dead. no! I hope he's not dead. He's not dead, brick. you're not dead. He's not dead! l'll call him. what's his number? Of course, he's not dead. He's not dead. he's just an asshole who's gone. But he's not dead yet! What if he's not dead? Is he dead? no, he's not dead. And he's not dead now, is he? She sees this ambulance, but the patient, he's not dead. I agree, but i mean, the fact that they assume he's dead only makes it more likely that he's not dead. Yeah. well, the only reason he's not dead in a ditch already is because of them. Everybody says he's unkillable 'cause he's got that scar on his neck and he's not dead. Walter, he's not dead. now get in the car. He's not dead. he's still breathing, idiot. No, he's not dead. he's on a binge. If he's not dead, he wishes he were. He's just lucky he's not dead too. You didn't... ? he's not dead. he's gone. No, no. he's not dead. he's here. You gotta remember, phoenix, he's not dead. David... david, david... he's not dead. He's not dead now. He's not dead. you're divorced, right? yeah. Seventy three years old, climbin' up this mountain... he's not dead! choppin' down trees... he's not dead! he's a damn old fool! He's not dead. good. Because if the boy you brought back is not walter collins, and he's not dead up at that ranch, then where the hell is he? What do you mean he's dead? he's not dead. My son's not dead. he's not dead. just listen, okay? Yeah, well, he's not dead anymore. how is that possible? Okay. he's not dead, he's just really knocked out. He's not dead! how do you know? Uh, there's a will, but he's not dead. In memory? he's not dead yet. No! no, you're lying. he's not dead. What if he's not dead, sergeant? I get real angry and say "he's not dead yet." I mean, he's not dead. Oh good lord, no. no, he's not dead, he was just unconscious, if i may judge. He's dead. he's not dead. No, i mean, he was dead. he's not dead now. Get hold of his rack, in case he's not dead. He's not dead, mother. He's not dead, he's looking right at us. But he's not dead. Dead? he's not dead. i saw him yesterday on mtv. I mean, he's not dead but i would smoke with my homey kevin bradley. He's not dead! He's not dead. you didn't kill anybody. He's not dead, and he wasn't bald. He's not dead, boy. he's dead! Where's my baby? he's not dead. He's not dead completely in the south, senator... No, he's not dead! Oh, he's not dead. not yet. I'm... he's not dead. not dead he's not