He's not

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I remember mammy said to me, "don't upset guiseppe; he's not well.""
But he's not. who? He's not being a hero. he's being something more. Because he's not a hero. He's not the problem. he's a nobody. He's not going to care. Inside, sir. he's not political. Pierce, he's not like regular guys. Yes, yes. he's not coming back in. do you hear me? Thing is... if you wanna get to the title... maybe he's not the one to take you there. Jim, he's not here. you let your wife come to the door? L like the nights he's not there. I gotta tell you, he's not really my friend. He's not contributing to his fair share in the conversation. He's not welcome. No, he's not ready. Yeah, the comic book. when he's not the flash, that's his name, barry allen. He's not a performer. he's a prisoner. He's not always happy. when is he happy? He's not a field man. You think he's not up there? He's not in. can someone else help you? He's not breathing. He's not going to chicago. he's not going anywhere. He's not using a computer. Listen, just because this guy isn't walking around weeping... that doesn't mean that he's not hurting. He's not going to harm your father. Are you telling me he's not a threat to this agency? But he's not the child of ra's al ghul. He's not. But jimmy is still standing... and he's not only standing, he's moving forward. You stupid fucking prick! he's not fucking worth it. Uh, no, he's not. He's not dead. he's still breathing, idiot. But he's not gonna bring her along. He's not here, is he? He's not from around here. In fact, you know, maybe that's why he even likes her you see, he knows he's not remembering this dance, he's there. You know, he's not well." He's not going to last a day. Where's queenan? he's not here. He's not my boyfriend. he's my stepbrother. Okay. he's not your brother, right? time's up! He's not including his regular guys. He's not going anywhere, teddy. i mean, he's not... At least on his turf, he's not expecting it. Maybe the real god uses tricks. maybe he's not omnipotent... Oh, dear lord. "he's not well, so tiptoe around the house." like this, huh? He's not exactly hiding. Because he's not our friend. I didn't hurt him, he's not hurting me, we're not hurting you. And when he gets here, he's not going to wanna hear... that you've endangered our operation just to get your thugs out of jail time. No. no, he's not. Where the fuck is queenan, huh? he's not here. He's not going to last. How do you know he's not on his way to odessa? He's not his... But that's history. l'm here, he's not. Bullshit. he's not the guy. He's not going to mention it. He's not here today, it'll be tomorrow. Let's just say he's not part of the solution. No, he's not dead, but he will be if we don't get him taken care of. So how do we know he's not spinning for someone? He knows he's not the law, not in old town. He's says he's not finished. yeah. that's what you think. Come on. he's not that bad. save the clock tower. Because the police claim the guy was an addict... needing money to score, which i think is bullshit... 'cause he's not gonna go breaking into places while he's still got a stash that big. He's not your ordinary drug dealer. Are you saying that he's not still alive and active? He's not gonna hurt us. he needs us. No, he's not here. come on, beast. He's not gonna check every compartment. He's not even looking at us. oh. Don't get me wrong. he's not one of those limp wrists. He's not going for one of the other stones? He's not my friend. He's not catching the hole card, and he's not past posting us. He's not here. He's not plastic. No, he's not. He's not up to the challenge. He's not bringing it to the church, is he, reverend bock? He's not even got to the bad stuff yet, vincent. I didn't rent it shoes, i'm not buying it a beer, he's not taking your turn, dude. Because if he's not lying and it really is τhai stick then it's great, but it never is! l always said if l felt that way about a job l'd fuckin' walk and l didn't! He's nowhere near the ares four well, unless he's not taking a direct route. He's not home? I just saw you together, that's all. he's not my friend. He's not slowing down. I think it's obvious now that he's not coming back. He's not gonna decompose, you know. He's not gonna like it. Look at me. he's not your brother, right? He's not the same person that he used to be. He's not dead. He's not breathing! What, so he's not worth talking to? He's not alone. I remember mammy said to me, "don't upset guiseppe; he's not well." not he's