He's dead

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "If he don't turn up downtown with the cash by midnight, and not a minute after... whew, your vato... he's dead."
And now he's dead and you're here to... eliminate me. And in fresno, california, the cornfield... that was jammed with spectators... he's dead, isn't he, that little boy? And he's dead now because of one stupid whore. Sure, he's dead. He's dead. But they already think he's dead. Yeah, sometimes. i know he's dead. That was quick. you think he's dead already? How he's dead. Administration's got him as completed. he's dead. Shit, he's dead! i think they're all dead. Get going. he's dead? He's dead, mate. Now that i know he's dead, you wanna know how i feel about it? His son does not exist. he's dead. he's dead. Oh, my god. he's dead. He's dead? Do you think he's dead? he's dead. You saw him? where? he's dead. Doc, he's dead. six, lt, six. Maybe he's dead. Did you know there's a rumor circulating that he's dead? But can you feel that he's dead? It's mccoy. dr. puri was on deck six he's dead. Oh, he's dead? uh huh. Will, he's dead. He's dead and i'm blind. He's dead. so show me his body. He's... dead. Yeah? do you know he's dead? Εither he's alive or he's dead, or the cops got him... or they don't. He's dead! He's dead. he's just too damn dumb to know it. I just can't believe he's dead, that's all. Then he's dead, then we go home. In the picture he's dead? he's dead! L can't believe he's dead. He's dead. what? Well... what if he's dead? Okay, but he's dead, so doesn't that make him a little less interesting to you? Because he's dead. Yes. he's dead mad, you know. Fuckers! oh, no! oh, god, he's dead! I'm dying. forgive me! he's dead! i killed him. He can't think. he's dead. He's dead! and the d. a. is gonna drop the case! Three movies, then all of a sudden he's dead. He's gone! he's dead! My parakeet petey... yeah?... he's dead. Yeah. apparently he's dead. He's dead, huh? Oh, he's dead. If we lose him, he's dead. It's my fault he's dead? He's dead because of me. I said, call your dog or he's dead. What about the story? well, he's dead. And he's dead. he's dead, i think he's dead. Shut them up! he's dead, but it didn't happen? Take it easy, doug he's dead ahead of you okay, okay, okay. And i'm glad he's dead and i hope he suffered. He's dead. believe me. i know. Badge belonged to the comedian. blood too. he's dead. He's dead. oh, my god! Let's wake him to god and hope that he gets to heaven... at least an hour before the devil finds out he's dead. He's dead now. He shit his pants. he's dead. Beria... he's dead. Looks like he's dead. no, he's just a deep sleeper. Damn, he's dead. shit. So, he's dead. "he's dead." whether he referred to president kennedy or not He's dead, you loser! shut up! He's dead. he was killed. Cos he's dead. I didn't kill him. he's dead. He's dead ahead of you. All right, he hesitated. he's dead. what do you do? Maggie... he's dead. He's dead, sean. 'cause if you're not there, i think he's dead. ... bucho has plenty of thugs, but without them, he's dead. He's dead? yeah. If he don't turn up downtown with the cash by midnight, and not a minute after... whew, your vato... he's dead. dead he's