Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You finished with your tea?"
After i finished my masters in india, i was... really lucky to get a scholarship here a scholarship? When you're finished... type in your name. You once told me that if the day came when i was finished... that we'd be together. My work is now finished. You have so many goals you never finished, dreams you never followed. We only just finished saying... good morning. ... when it's finished... I'm finished. It's finished. You finished? Your business here is very much finished. Finished playing with yourself, lenny? Well, i finished my work. where are we going? Finished? Sire,the whole opera is finished. And music... finished as no music is ever finished. He had simply written down music... already finished in his head. Are you finished with him? I finished! Yeah. no more. i'm finished with that shite. Where was i? i think you finished. oh, right. It's every single one of you out there that's finished. It's the single, solitary, human being that's finished. It's the individual that's finished. I'm ruined. i'm dead. finished. We never finished our conversation at elizabeth's. I'm gonna hide this tape when i'm finished . I don't see how. as soon as i'm finished , i return it right away. My family will be finished. We're not finished yet. All finished. ten dollars american. No sooner had ziegler finished, than the president's campaign manager... clark macgregor, met with reporters. You know how i'm sure they're finished out there? That's right. we're the new landlords. vato locos are finished. Our responsibility is finished. But whoever it was just barely finished putting out his cigar. Ridiculous. finished. When the shark finished his meal, he felt very sad and lonely. You will listen closely and you will not judge me until i am finished. "dear theodore twombly, i've just finished reading your letters. Now, we finished the iris probe in sixty two days. I just wanted to tell you that i practiced the coda last night and i finished. When it's finished, you'll find this where i told you. I'm not finished. You think so? are we finished, sofia? When we're finished with daniels, send the asset after them. When we're finished with daniels, send the asset after her. But i finished the whole thing too. oh, good. I'm finished with you. That's her finished. And i'll be finished. I mean, it looks like the right hand, love, is finished. Are we finished here? we got a show to do. Y'all finished? You can relax. she's finished. "he's finished. he's a loser. She's finished! for a hero, you're quite a hypocrite! The new sam and i will be back to our programing as soon as i've finished rebooting. Stand down. it's finished. I just finished chapter twelve "the world on a string." To stay on schedule for the test, you're going to have to be finished in eight days. okay? okay. Young man, have you finished your paper? Since i graduated harvard medical school and finished my residency, i've had that feeling. But god wasn't finished with me yet. We just finished with this section. I finished the dishes. are you coming up? The matter is finished. do you understand me? finished! Today's execution must surely mean that the oas is finished... once and for all. Oh, yes. in fact, we just finished making our keepsake. We just finished making plans for our field trip. All right, leonard, we're finished. I'm finished here in fifteen minutes. Well, anyway, i never finished the year. That range was supposed to be finished this morning. But he never finished his education, never went home, because... he found his vocation. I haven't finished with hunt yet. Are you finished? yes. fine. The lesson is finished. It's not finished. We're closing. nowhere near finished. I say the rebellion is finished! When the battle station is finished, governor tarkin... the senate will be of little concern. We need to stop this weapon before it is finished. It's almost finished. The book's almost finished. I thought we had finished our conversation in the carriage. L'm not finished yet. yes, you are. He reckoned he finished like a champion greyhound. Oh, it's finished. today. You're finished! When they were finished, the damnedest thing happened. He feels he's all finished as a writer. I'm finished with school. That is finished. You finished with your tea?