Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "There was this one time, that i was selling pot to amish dude.", "I'm the dude, man.", "I'm the dude. so that's what you call me,", "No, i do mind. the dude minds.", "Bullshit. mark it eight dude."
Dude! Wiffle ball, dude! Hey, get this dude a forty It's just a metaphor, dude. Dude, i... I'm saying this for you, dude. Dude, you're embarrassing me in front of the wizards. You're a dude. Sorry, dude. No, dude, far from it. Dude, captain america needs my help. But it would have to be a sensitive dude. Dude. You're a really creepy dude. Like, a dude? Right on, dude. He is not a dude. Dude. what? Dude, you're bleeding. Come on, dude. The dude? yes, the dude. Dude. how long have you been standing there? Dude here. Her life is in your hands, dude. Dude, yeah. Dude, can we just get past that? My name is peter quill, okay? dude, chill out. But i don't know your relationship with dude. That's why we're here, dude. Welcome to fatherhood, dude. Dude, you're wasting your time talking to her. Truth is, i never met the dude. Joe loder and the other dude. Jesus, dude. You're going really fucking fast, dude. That is just ridiculous, dude. Dude! paying too much at the pump? Dude, come on. really? It's video, dude. Ugh, dude. Dude, i hear she's a bitch. Yeah? fuck, yeah, dude. Hey. dude, that was... Oh, my god, dude. "dude" what? Dude. yeah? No, dude, she said i raped her. Chill out, dude. Dude, i'm not gay. How the hell is this dude still alive? It would have to be, like, a dude like you. mmhm. Redneck noise, dude. that's all it is. Dude, i gotta go. i gotta go. Some machineheaded freak, working for a dude named ronan. No way, dude. let them lady go. We got a man down, dude. I've seen a lot of spinals, dude, You shouldn't go in, dude. he's very angry. Who is this gentleman, dude? Well, here it is, dude. In interactive erotic software. wave of the future, dude. I wouldn't know, dude. Hello, dude. thanks for coming. That's him, dude. New 'vette? hardly, dude. I like your style, dude. How you doin' there, dude? That's right, dude. They were nazis, dude? That makes me feel secure. dude. 'the dude is not in. Believe me, there are ways, dude. That had not occurred to us, dude. This is our concern, dude. We've been trying to reach you, dude. Phone's ringing, dude. thank you, donny. Aw, fuck it, dude. Fifteen dude. this is it. That's the simple part, dude. Zero dude, have it your way. Her life was in our hands. easy, dude. You're right, dude. i got to thinking, The ringer, dude. Eight dude. What do you mean, dude? Yeah. they gave dude a beeper. Yeah, but he's a pervert, dude. Well, dude, we just don't know. Dude. hey, monty. I'm perfectly calm, dude. That's your answer for everything, dude. Look, dude, this is your partner. Bullshit. mark it eight dude. No, i do mind. the dude minds. I'm the dude. so that's what you call me, I'm the dude, man. There was this one time, that i was selling pot to amish dude.