Dead what

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Mine's dead. what, no!", "She's dead. what more do you need to know?", "Jerry and peggy missing linda dead... what the hell is going on around here?"
Ηe ain't dead. what is it? He's dead. what? But if she's not dead... what are you saying, man? Smitty and cooper are dead. what? what the... All right, he hesitated. he's dead. what do you do? "dad"? you said your dad was dead. what? They're dead! what? If you even think about seeing lula, you're dead. what? Now that you're dead, what are you going to do with your life? The kid's been dead, what... ten years now? You tell me about samuel we all loved samuel samuel is dead what? A drosophila fly, dead. what about a radio signal? My sister's been living out here... harmony's sister, dead. what the hell? It's dead. what did he say? Oh, larry, oh, i think she's dead. what? what's... He wishes l was dead. what? Dead? what people? He's dead! what will i do? Dead? what, you know her? she's dead. I'm not dead. what? It's dead. what? Some neighborhood. everything's dead. what a place to come to. We're dead. what? If they're all dead, what are you gonna tell the queen, sir? Dead, what a stupid thing to say. And now it's dead. what if it had young iiving somewhere? That thing's dead. what are you waiting for? Jerry and peggy missing linda dead... what the hell is going on around here? She's dead. what more do you need to know? Mine's dead. what, no! what dead