Dead now

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "It's all right. it's dead now. go ahead.", "You're dead now, woman.", "So, "dead," now. is my, uh, cover.", "But since most of them are dead now, i thought, what the heck?"
And he's dead now because of one stupid whore. I'm dead now, sorry about that. I want spock dead now! But she is dead now sweaty, she's dead and she's not going anywhere. Says the last guy thought he's a jerk is dead now. You'd all be dead now if it wasn't for my david. He came down, he shot her in the head in the hospital there, so she's dead now, unfortunately. It could be the entire eastern seaboard yeah, it could be the whole world, for all we know wouldn't make us any less dead, now, would it? Swanney's dead now, of course. He's dead now. Told him he was dead now. couldn't come back. He's dead now. and i am bushed. Sadly, all of them are dead now. Dead now, for all i know. Gotta hang her, frank! mike ain't dead now neither, is he? She's dead now too. she was a nanny. If we hadn't sent him there, he wouldn't be dead now. You'd be dead now if i hadn't. Sadly, all dead now. Tried to kill adrian veidt. dead now. did you know him? But they're nearly all dead now. Well, if you'd gone, you might be dead now. He's probably dead now. I also have a duty of care, sir, to my men, one of whom happens to be dead now. That tank is definitely dead now. all right, let's go! we got business! They're dead now. remember him? mr. degan? He's near dead now, sir. Well, he's dead now. I want black dynamite dead, and i want him dead now. Sorry don't fix things. we could've missed the corpse, and i'd be dead now. This is my mentor, lord mandrake. he's dead now. The reporter's dead now. Because if she was, you'd be dead now. That was a real weeper, momma holding her son. he's dead now. Then you're dead. now, go! How many friends did you know that are dead now that got killed? My son is dead now. Frankie, i'm not that dead. now come on. He's dead now, and he's left me in charge. We'll be gone at first light we fought all those years, lost all those dead, now the germans are in france again You're dead now. Not when i'm dead, now. all of it. And they's both good and dead now, roedel. It's dead now. But in the mornin' they'd be playin' for keeps, 'cause a white man was dead now. A girl is dead now! He dead now. The number of dead now stands at nineteen with police still combing the motel. No, i mean, he was dead. he's not dead now. Mark? you're dead now, asshole. He's not dead now. Jesus! they all want me dead, now you, too? A lot of them are dead now... but still streaking across the sky, picking up the light of the sun. But since most of them are dead now, i thought, what the heck? So, "dead," now. is my, uh, cover. You're dead now, woman. It's all right. it's dead now. go ahead. now dead