Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Kathy, darling. now, listen to me very carefully.", "All right, darling.", "Darling, you were wonderful.", "Anyway, darling, have a look at the menu."
The final member of the household was liza, the darlings' housekeeper, different in every way to mrs. darling. So, sarah, my darling, it is your turn. You're welcome, darling. She has a darling figure. Why don't you get up now,my darling? The creature had had my darling girl. They're darling, but don't get too attached. In the cooler. right behind you, darling. Please, darling. you'll have a look, and you'll tell me. You look beautiful, darling. i wouldn't change a thing. Mommy took your clothes off, darling? Why aren't you having any clothes on, darling? Patagonia, darling. "my darling girl, the last time we were together "i wasn't sure when we would see each other again, "but i never thought it would take so long. My darling anne, there's a longer letter in the dresser drawer i've been writing for the last week or so. We'll see what your mommy says in the morning, darling. No, my darling, you're not going to die. No, my darling. Sorry, darling, but we ain't got a lot of time. Come on. show me that darling nicky smile. That's my darling husband's recipe. Ah ! my dulcet darling. Darling, oh, no husband wants to come home and see that. oh. I know, darling. let's put that behind us. I shan't be long, darling. You're looking so well, darling. you really are. It's okay, darling. I'm holding on to it, darling. Oh, darling. Darling, you mustn't worry so. Excuse me, darling. what is it exactly that you... do do? Darling. what? Let's turn in. darling. Darling. Good night, darling. Goodbye, darling. goodbye, freddy. Yep. lots of customers here, darling. Good luck, darling. This is what i do, darling. Come on, darling. We're not gonna card you, darling. Like a flower, darling, be he sings, too. there's no end to the man's talents. Would it have mattered? oh, of course not, darling. 'you will, darling. promise you will. Oh, darling, did daddy break your rocket? Darling, could you bring some glasses? And a darling figure. Goodbye, darling! I love you, darling! Flattery will get you everywhere darling. No, no, no, my darling. It's not the only one, darling. i'm not a mong. The bottom, please, darling. That's because i know you, darling. There will be blood and fucking feathers everywhere, my darling. Lizzie, darling, you're my daughter and i love you, but you're wrong. Hello, darling. My darling. what's happened? Come on, darling. charlotte, sitting next to you. I can explain about the portal, darling. Come on darling, i want you to eat some soup now. My darling. briony found my address somehow, and sent a letter. Oh, darling, it'll be so beautiful. I have faith in you, my darling. You're next, darling. Nobody's talking about going in anywhere, darling. There we go, darling, that's it. Tread water, darling. i'll go for help. You always told me what a great plumber you were, darling. Arnold, darling, what do you know from raising a child? David, darling... Come here, sweetheart. yes, darling? Oh, my darling, look. I'll take you, darling. Yes, darling. and when it's full, that's when we'll stop. And i think you'll be coming with me, darling. My darling. Take this, darling. But, darling, you're wrong about your dad. What do you mean, darling? And well you should have, darling. Now, you, darling. So, what's your real name, darling? Darling excluded. Darling gets in line, buddy takes her hostage, shotgun to her head. Darling goes in the front. No, darling. Michael, darling, come out from under there. All you have to do is download it, darling. Patricia, darling, i've always loved you. Patricia, darling. It's not a hymn, darling. Poor darling. Anyway, darling, have a look at the menu. Darling, you were wonderful. All right, darling. Kathy, darling. now, listen to me very carefully.