But i'm not

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "But i'm not laughing, ray bob, so you know it's no fucking joke."
That's nice, but i'm not up for reelection for three years. But i'm not convinced. I feel really bad about this, but i'm not gonna tell you that. What? i'll come back with you, but i'm not promising anything. I don't know what the fuck yous are looking for, mister, but i'm not it. I know all you really want to do is give me a section eight drum me out of the army, but i'm not off up above. But i'm not. But i'm not broke! I altered a couple phrases in the letters... but i'm not much of a poet, so i think i might have messed them up a bit. I'm sorry, but i'm not gonna say "i'm sorry" much more. All i'm doing is trying, but i'm not trying the way he wants... and he's, like, trying to control the way that i'm trying. Listen neil i mean i appreciate this concern but i'm not like you all right? But i'm not guilty, mr vail. But i'm not able to have children of my own. But i'm not going to. Tools i've got, but i'm not gonna lend my tool belt. Thanks, but i'm not gonna need that bed after all. Walk all you want, but i'm not going back there. ... but i'm not. I'm sorry, fellas, but i'm not up to it. He's only one, but i'm not sure i want him to know about this. Piano. i may be invisible but i'm not deaf! Maybe. but i'm not listed. But i'm not here in my capacity as your father. Listen. i'm a police officer, but i'm not a murderer. Yeah, but i'm not around next weekend. Watch. it will pay. i may have been early, but i'm not wrong. But i'm not that man. But i'm not coming back. You keep talking like it's something that i may be interested in, but i'm not. But i'm not nick. I've tried everything i did last time that worked... but i'm not having any luck. You probably think i'm some kind of asshole or something... but i'm not a killer... like you. You know, i'm willing and able to be there but i'm not. i'm here. i quit. They say i'm a madman, bart, but i'm not mad at anyone. Take it from me, because i used to be a member of the reptile family, but i'm not any more. But i'm not going to sit here holding your hand anymore until you figure it out ! But i'm not going to lie to you, mr. donnelly. You've got a bomb? yeah, but i'm not a bomber! But i'm not going to be the one to tell juno. I can pick a nice model, all right, in a nice colour, but i'm not very good at anything else. Hey, its eve. i'm glad you called but i'm not here. Cos there ain't any future in it she's got me but i'm not free so... Well, this may come as a shock to some of you guys, but i'm not really very good at giving sentimental speeches. But i'm not going anywhere until i find out where you came from. Thirty three dollars but i'm not nick fisher. So i killed lots of people but i'm not a soldier? correct. I'm sorry, but i'm not seeing your point. But i'm not going to stop it. for now. I'm your friend, andy, but i'm not a moron. And undoubtedly i can win an emmy as a hostess, but i'm not going with you. Look, i don't want to be rude, but i'm not much of a conversationalist. No offense, ralph, but i'm not sure you've ever met the real efraim. But i'm not. i'm yours. But i'm not a gangster. I appreciate that, tony, but i'm not involved with admissions. But i'm not gonna do it. There's some guy who want me to do a job for him, but i'm not gonna do it. I'm trying, but i'm not quite following your logic. I'm all for secrecy, but i'm not gonna torch a cop car. Thank you, but i'm not gaga yet. Yes, we do. but i'm not sure how the customers will react after today. But i'm not really an architect. I mean, i get that, i... 'cause i want to do that too, sometimes, but i'm not gonna. But i'm not so bad, am i? no. Matt... i'm sorry to put you in that position, but i'm not really the one who put you there, am i? i'd like to know who the guy is that my wife was seeing. I'm blind, but i'm not that blind. But i'm not christopher robin, really. i'm billy moon. I know. i'm sorry, but i'm not going anywhere. But i'm not worth it anyway. But i'm not actually sleeping per say, you know. The apple ii team has my affection, but i'm not loving up a sevenyearold product at the mac launch. He thinks that i'm stupid, but i'm not stupid. I wouldn't use the word "frivolous," but i'm not impressed with the merits of it, to be frank. But i'm not on my own, am i? Ok, i'll take the radio, but i'm not taking the bike. But i'm not hiding anything. So i will help you homer, but i'm not going to murder anybody. But i'm not trying to keep my job. i just... I think i might be confused but i'm not sure. But i'm not a letter writer. Yeah, donnie, but i'm not people. But i'm not all there. But i'm not going to do it again. Like it's ok, but i'm not a doctor. naw, i'm fine. Mr drayton on, you’ll pardon me, but i'm not convinced that you heard anything i mean, we're not hearing anything now, right? That's kind, but i'm not ready to date again. I may be dumb, fellas, but i'm not stúpid. I'm sorry. i was a big slut, but i'm not anymore. But i'm not fuckin' up. I'm waiting for somebody, but... i'm not sure if they're going to show up. Yeah, but i'm not in jail... and at least i tried. I thought i'd get a little understanding from you, but i'm not gonna get that. Maybe if it's easier if i tell you that i'm brokenhearted, but i'm not. But i'm not sitting on death row waiting to be put down like some animal. Listen, i'm sorry to disturb you at work, but i'm not feeling very well today and i was wondering if it might be possible for my sister to bring home any assignments from my classes that i might need. But i'm not laughing, ray bob, so you know it's no fucking joke. i'm not but i'm