But i'm

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "I may be down, but i'm not out.", "No, but i'm beginning to understand it.", "But i'm keeping it, marquesa.", "No, no, but i'm the manager here."
But i'm telling you, these walls are funny. Well, i don't know about mr. lau's travel arrangements, but i'm sure glad he's back. But i'm not convinced. But i'm not. I know i don't look it, but i'm beginning to feel it in my heart. But i'm not peter. Keaton always said, "i don't believe in god, but i'm afraid of him." But i'm sure keaton is dead. I'll try it, you know, but i'm not sure my wife will let me do it. I'll spend the rest of my life in the stockade if i have to, but i'm done with this. You know, but i'm not getting the credit i deserve. But i'm also talking about my job. I may be synthetic, but i'm not stupid. Look. i can see where this is going, but i'm telling you that those things exist. But i'm not able to have children of my own. Yeah, i know. but i'm fine, thanks. No,but i'm broke. No. but i'm the best. You resent me. but i'm not gonna apologize for any, any success i've had. All right. i'll do the math, but i'm not gonna meet with any fuckin' therapist. But i'm tired now, and i have to go home. But i'm gonna get henry gondorff whether you help me out or not. But i'm seeing him later. Stomach's bothering me a little bit, but i'm fine. I still don't understand it, but i'm finding him quickly enough. But i'm hanging in there. "i can never be the mother i wanted to be "but i'm trying to be the hero i hope you still believe i am. But i'm sorry, i will not bear arms. Forgive me, but i'm just a little stunned. It's very clever, john, but i'm afraid it's just not nearly good enough. But i'm always how do you say? Nuh, huh. nope, but i'm gonna. But, i'm not going to the frontier. But i'm gonna be here. But i'm happy to be with you. But i'm afraid he's scared of me. I could have flown to paris, but i'm too scared. Trip delayed, but i'm coming real soon! I know that the work we do is confidential, but i'm feeling like... I'm not supposed to tell you this, but i'm digging around for spotlight. Yeah, but i'm gonna keep playing. oh, problem solved. But i'm even more afraid of... But i'm going to a better place. I feel really bad about this, but i'm not gonna tell you that. But i'm sure they can cash your check at the airport. But i'm glad you want to talk some more. But i'm asking you to be sure. be one hundred percent sure. But i'm going to see my mama first. Y'all two brought me into this, but i'm gonna finish it. I don't know, brothers, but i'm hurting real bad inside. Thanks, but i'm not gonna need that bed after all. But i'm the assistant editor this year. That's the... oh, that's so easy for you to say, but i'm so lonely. Well, i'm not a millionaire, but i'm not starving either. I've been studying the thing for months, but i'm still only a beginner. But i'm not gonna stand by and watch them destroy us. I know i've held back, but i'm not gonna do it anymore. But i'm brown on the inside. to the bones. I'm legal, but i'm still a kid. But i'm going to help you. You know, i don't mean to embarrass you, but i'm a rather brilliant surgeon. No, but i'm beginning to wonder what happened six hundred and sixty six years after that. I'm sorry but i'm unable to accept your offer. I'm sorry, but i'm not gonna say "i'm sorry" much more. No, you don't, but i'm gonna ask you one more time. But i'm reading it slowly now. But i'm happy that you have friends in your life that care about you so much. I'm sorry, but i'm a bit of a stickler for paperwork. Wow, this is a really tough one... but i'm gonna have to guess alice. wait. But i'm done with the first order. I don't know about you, but i'm havin' a ball. I don't know, oliver, but i'm running out of ideas. But i'm not on my own. You keep talking like it's something that i may be interested in, but i'm not. Thanks, but i'm busy. But i'm asking you, i'm advising you, take a breath, okay? But i'm gonna fly out there a bunch of times, and i'm gonna check on them. You don't actually know me, but i'm calling on behalf of neil baldwin. But i'm gonna buy it one day and i'm gonna fix it up. It wasn't what i had intended, but... i'm sorry. i was... And second of all, you can take him, but i'm staying here. Something definitely happened, but i'm wondering what. But i'm not doing them right now. But... i'm not a soldier, really. That's kind, but i'm not ready to date again. But i'm not. i'm yours. But i'm not fighting you. Oh, but i'm forgetting. you don't have a mountain. Okay. but i'm just gonna say this, and i'm gonna stand by it: you should be really proud of him. I think you're working really hard, but i'm not sure you have to work so hard, Kids call me pastor d, but i'm a youth pastor, and i lead a youth group here at bethany church, and i have the greatest job in the world. I mean, i love him, but i'm not in love with him. Look, if you like, i'll pop down myself and make certain, but i'm sure there's nothing to worry about. But i'm innocent. i haven't done anything. Yes, but i'm doing well here. No, no, but i'm the manager here. But i'm keeping it, marquesa. No, but i'm beginning to understand it. I may be down, but i'm not out. i'm but