Обучение английскому по фильмам и сериалам

Learning English from films and TV series

Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Did you break up with somebody before me? yeah. yeah. bob.", "I dated a guy named bob."
Bob, that goes too far. That paper, bob, it's a travesty. "uncle bob"? No, because you haven't got ten bob. I'm afraid so, bob. I heard that one myself, bob. You english bob? Bob mcdonough in news, please. Bob mcdonough will take over the news division... until we can sort all this out. And joe bob didn't do nothin'. Well, maybe so, joe bob. maybe so. How did bob taylor get those clothes? How long has this bob taylor been working... on this map? Bob, i got a bad feeling on this one, all right? Bob brody in san francisco? I'm bob woodward. This is bob woodward of the washington post. Yes. this is bob woodward... of the washington post. Hi, i'm bob woodward of the washington post. I'm bob woodward of the washington post. Hey, bob. what? Your name's in that book, bob. Right, bob? Bob and i get on with our fond farewells to each other. Like you said, bob water under the bridge. He's made a point, bob cratchit has. It's all bob cratchit can afford. me. Yes, bob. i'm sure you're right. Hey, bob. i'm glad to see things haven't changed. We'll, uh... we'll talk to bob. Listen, let me talk to bob, the owner. Hey, bob, this is the band! Did you ever have a problem like that when you were ten yes, i did, bob. Pc bob walker. I know. bob told me. Lynda? bob? Cute, bob. real cute. Bob and i have been planning on it all week. Still drinking champagne, bob? You understand perfectly, bob. you want the deal? Bob, we're talking about thousands and thousands of dollars. Bob, i got things to do. Do i need to worry about you, bob? We're looking into it, bob. I wouldn't say i've been missing it, bob. And here's something else, bob... Oh, hi, bob. bob. I'm bob slydell. this is my associate bob porter. Bob is a consultant. Okay. larry, bob. thanks for visiting the garden state. Call bob winslow. no, wait, i'll call him. But i'm not laughing, ray bob, so you know it's no fucking joke. Bob cratchit? I pay bob such a small amount. This is bob cratchit's house? With their employer gone at last, bob cratchit and the bookkeepers immediately began that most pleasant of activities, the celebration of christmas. We ought to be suing him, bob. Bob... andy brought aids into our offices... into our men's room. No, bob had the pigeons shot. you killed the pigeons? Bob made a great switch. Bob and i are gonna walk down the corridor right here and right out that door right there. Bob. alicia. And, bob... Don't worry, bob. we'll be quick. Hey, bob dalavan. yeah. i know you. Bob dalavan. And then, bob, nobody is safe. He calls himself bob and he gives me the money upfront. two hundred bucks a night. Well, what if she was, bob? What are we gonna do, bob? Yeah, you're not a bad judge, bob. And another thing. i was given a very good horse by a great friend of mine, one bob rusk. Are you sure you don't need a few bob? Lester, don't you think bob knows where the oil goes? I'm gonna let you handle this, bob. this is your baby. Hey. i'm bob. i'm lighting the show. You know i will, bob. Just a loaner, bob. not to worry. You will be to him, so to speak, what bob cratchit was to you. You know he is, bob. It needs to be christmas, bob, to drink to a rotten, hard, stingy old miser like scrooge. Mm. bob cratchit, you're a genius. And about time too, bob cratchit. You too, bob cratchit. and your family. Hi, bob. Bob larson, city inspector. It's not like he makes a living at it like bob crumb. Oh, man, that would be great, 'cause i can't even draw a straight line, bob. There's some wild shit in here, bob. Hey, harvey, meet my buddy, bob crumb. I should have told you before about bob, but i don't feel about him the way i feel about you, and i never did. And there's something you should know about bob. Who's bob? oh... I dated a guy named bob. Did you break up with somebody before me? yeah. yeah. bob.