Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "You know, his mistake is that he didn't see this bishop.", "The bishop believes otherwise. you know the rules.", "Okay, well. rook takes bishop.", "Mr. bishop, mind if i take a look? carl."
Mrs. bishop, i mean. A bishop. So she sends bishop back in time? The bishop came to the house. Oh, not tonight, bishop. Your move: bishop to knight four. A bishop?! Everybody borrowed books from bishop rushman. She was doing work for bishop rushman. Ieaning over bishop rushman. Bishop rushman was lying on the floor. An auxiliary bishop wrote that? Tells the bishop about it. Hey, mr. burke, they're in back talking to the bishop. Bishop takes bishop. Bishop to rook three. That's why i told you you'd make bishop one day. Bishop of keele. bishop of lichfield. And... which bishop would that be? Yes, i'm a friend of the bishop. Bishop stevens told me that. Rook to bishop four. That's benny the bishop. You thinking of benny the bishop. What are you, huh, bishop sheen? Nah, don't move that bishop. Even worse, a bishop! My dear son, i'm not a bishop. Tiburtino? not the vatican? aren't you a bishop? A bishop alone in rome at00 a. m.! Walt and laura bishop, their daughter's the missing girl. Hello? hello, mr. bishop? She's violent, mrs. bishop, it's assault. Don't worry, mr. bishop. she'll be safe. Joey bishop would you like? yes. just change film. Bishop to bishop seven. You killed the bishop? no, primus. Bishop takes knight. check. Talk about going to the bishop and having you shunned. He worked the bishop. he's a golfer. A bishop! Terry bishop is on a soap opera. Seems your bishop was of some benefit after all. You met bishop in vietnam, right? Oh, i see, terry bishop is a name. Bishop captures b8. She won your bishop. Terry bishop is doing 'iceman cometh', right? Mr. bishop is rehearsing 'the iceman cometh' for broadway. Excuse me, is terry bishop working here today? Bishop. The bishop of cyrene wishes to see you. Spassky took bobby's bishop. How did bishop find out where she was? Erica bishop came into the store. Another rob roy, bishop? Bishop gorazd has talked to father petrek. Bishop to queen three. Bishop was in berlin when this happened. I'm sorry about bishop. Bishop to knight five. About bishop? no, about you, muir. What was bishop doing in china? The bishop of cyrene. Let bishop cyril speak in his own defense. Okay, great. thank you, mr. bishop. Can i help you? i'm cynthia bishop. Bishop prepped it before he piggybacked sideshow. I know who bishop was after. Bishop went rogue. My name is martin bishop. That one is carrie bishop. I'm talking about tom bishop. Carrie bishop. And yet he wants him to take it with the bishop. He knew about bishop before he got here? he played dumb. this is harker. Pawn takes queen, bishop to knight seven. Bishop worked for both of them. ... but bishop found a way to get to the sheik. Tom bishop died fourteen months ago. He doesn't know anything. bishop wasn't on sideshow. Twentyfour hours after capture, bishop is allowed to start talking. Why are you trying to burn bishop? Four. you want to hear about them or bishop? Sandy, this is tom bishop. it's tom, right? Bishop was evacuated with the last of them on april thirty I think i just figured it out. the bishop files. Bishop? that's correct, sir. A week ago, tom bishop disappeared in hong kong. Bishop? What do you want, mr. bishop? Mr. bishop. Mr. bishop, step over here, please. Do you wish our protection? mr. bishop... Mr. bishop, mind if i take a look? carl. Okay, well. rook takes bishop. The bishop believes otherwise. you know the rules. You know, his mistake is that he didn't see this bishop.