An opportunity

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "As an opportunity to deliver your opinion matters? yes, yes.", "An opportunity to test our shiny, new digital camera.", "Like you aren't always looking for an opportunity to step on my head."
I have an opportunity that i think you'll appreciate as a gay man. You have an opportunity here to make some actual use of your life. You gave me an opportunity. We never finished this conversation in july. i had an opportunity. I look at this as a favor for you, pam, giving you an opportunity to complete some unfinished business. I see an opportunity, i charge it like a bull. For a man in your position, an opportunity. So that we could properly prepare for crossexamination... and well as to give the defense an opportunity to have the witness' reports reviewed... by a defense expert who might then be in a position... to contradict the veracity of his conclusions. Of course! but this is an opportunity! An opportunity came up. l thought l would ask. no big deal. You never miss an opportunity to serve a bully a slice of humble pie. You give people an opportunity, iift them up, let them eat at your table, sleep in your bed. You think daddy wouldn't have jumped at an opportunity like that? 'cause this is an opportunity, frank. right. No, no, i'm giving you an opportunity. Right now, you have an opportunity to help him. And we would very much appreciate an opportunity to see doug... before we give you the money, just to verify that he's okay. First, there's an opportunity. Well, with his prowest stance, it certainly offers an opportunity, but the talks can't go ahead unless we can guarantee his safety. You have an opportunity to be successful as a person, as a student... With this election, we here at carver also have an opportunity to make our high school days better. It was an opportunity for me to defend america... the country which has given freedom to me and to my family. Obviously, one has read one's kipling, but we view this as an opportunity to explore another culture, as well as making new friends. How is this an opportunity for a short joke right now? Tomorrow you'll get an opportunity to meet the entire thirty three fighter group. Look, we have an opportunity here, liam, if you take the lead. You're the toast of broadway and you have an opportunity to redeem that for a little cash. It wasn't a setback. it was an opportunity. Heaven be praised for an opportunity to fulfill the duties of my profession. There's a few people in new york... hopefully, our numbers are growing... who feel we have an opportunity now to forge something real out of everyday experience. If you see an opportunity, we want you to suggest old st. mary's church in chinatown. "first, there is an opportunity. I think you should look at this as an opportunity to branch out, Today is an opportunity for you to look in the mirror at western imperialist culture. It's... you, like, become this blank canvas and it gives you an opportunity to project onto that canvas who you want to be. It was an opportunity at the right time... I saw an opportunity, it wasn't about you. And now she has an opportunity to guarantee her freedom by "providing color," and she still won't do it. Does anybody really celebrate it anymore, apart from our clerk, who never misses an opportunity to take a day off with pay? Surely, and i thank you for giving me an opportunity to touch on that today. You have an opportunity here, bob. You're gambling with her future... and now you're being presented with an opportunity... Yes. but at least they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. And here we have an opportunity... to actually physically find ourselves. And he'll be given an opportunity at preseason matches. An opportunity to grieve unalone. I've never heard you turn down an opportunity... to give this one some lip. What an opportunity for me then... to learn... from the best. Why don't l give buddy an opportunity to answer that? buddy? To give the representative of the accused an opportunity to defend himself. How many boys your age get an opportunity like this? Mr. president, this is not a threat. this is an opportunity. Not to say that this isn't an opportunity. opportunity? You took this as an opportunity to play yet another round of "let's laugh at the hippy". Hey. yeah, it's me. we might have an opportunity here. You see, it was an opportunity they gave to some of us officers who who fought in the war. It's an opportunity for me to run the store my way. And are you sure that this was a poetry reading and not just an opportunity to recite counterrevolutionary propaganda? However, in my mind, our biggest mistake would be to not view this moment as an opportunity. We now have an opportunity to show our client how well we will rise to his exhilarating challenge. I see an opportunity. Well, this is an opportunity for you to meet who you're betting against. Today i've been given an opportunity to shed light on recent occurrences... from the attack that ended in this office� good morning. Do we get an opportunity at the men responsible for today? ... is an opportunity. It's like a battleground, ain't it? it was an opportunity... And not to say, "thank you for giving me an opportunity." An opportunity to escape her life, her despair. First, there is an opportunity. This is an opportunity that i may never get again. ... and an opportunity to be a part of the next national championship team at lsu. So fucking what? what is it? they're an opportunity. We're giving you an opportunity to collect some of your belongings. Elna, this is an opportunity to take a stand. More or less an opportunity for picking a man's pocket every twenty five of december. A hundred years ago, a kipiani would have kissed my feet for such an opportunity. It's not your fault. you'll give us an opportunity to serve you again. It's an opportunity to get closer now. An opportunity has arisen, chris, which i think may be a lucrative one for you. I am one the few people that's here trying to give you an opportunity. An opportunity. to what? to make money? I can see an opportunity here... If i saw an opportunity to walk away with a shopping bag full of money, would i take it?. Black awareness week is an opportunity for self expression. Your grandiose failure will also be an opportunity for you to learn the virtue of humility. That he had an opportunity while he was threatening me to back it up, but he didn't. I didn't wanna tell my parents i was a cocktail waitress and back then, i never turned down an opportunity to make more money. But every accident, properly viewed, is an opportunity, isn't it, mr. donovan? What am i going to do? do you realise how lucky you are? don't you see what an opportunity you have? For those of us who have never seen a total solar eclipse, this is an opportunity to view one of the most rare... Yes! once you leave this building... every time an opportunity presents itself... no matter what it is... you will say yes. And you have such an opportunity now, you know? You mean a drink or an opportunity? This may be an opportunity. Trying to help you here, give you an opportunity, bring you in. Later sheeni called and told me... she managed to turn disaster into an opportunity for herself. But what i don't like is some shithead like you taking advantage of an opportunity. Like you aren't always looking for an opportunity to step on my head. An opportunity to test our shiny, new digital camera. As an opportunity to deliver your opinion matters? yes, yes. opportunity an