An exit

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Daniel, there's an exit.", "You're going to either leave an exit unguarded or an alarm unguarded.", "My bad. missed an exit.", "Hey! hey! there's an exit this way!"
Wade, you got an exit wound. But this facility is such a maze of endless tunnels that the odds of finding an exit In an evacuation, exit path lights will automatically illuminate to guide you to an exit. This is not an exit. There's an exit! No, i don't have to go there. i like it here. there's an exit. From now on, before you leave my gym, you must pay an exit price of fifty made free throws before you can go. I come in here, and the first thing i'm doing is i'm catching the sightlines and looking for an exit. Great. we'll talk about the middle east and maybe an idea of an exit strategy. What do we do? get to an exit. There should be a handbrake or an exit ramp. If our tunneler can't find an exit, and if we fail to check in by nine hundred tomorrow, efforts to extract us will begin. If you don't show up at an exit station the moment you're supposed to leave, who knows what could happen? Help him find an exit. Guys, we have to figure out an exit plan. Let's move. come on. there's an exit over here. come on. There's an exit door through there. Hunting stuff out, i think i know where you have an exit to the surface. Hey! hey! there's an exit this way! My bad. missed an exit. You're going to either leave an exit unguarded or an alarm unguarded. Daniel, there's an exit. exit an