Ah well

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Travel and explore the world of cinema. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. "Ah, well... ha.", "What do you mean? ' ah! well, look, i, i'm fine with my hair."
Ah. well done, draco. Ah. well... here's to the good life, huh? Ah! well, congratulations. mmm. Ah. well, in that case... Ah, well... Ah, well. ok, well... Ah, well chosen. Ah, well, you see, my sister never reads. Ah. well, it's great to see what's left of you You look like hell. ah, well, you should've seen me yesterday. Ah well, it didn't do them germans much good though, did it? Ah, well, that was the end of the best bits. Ah, well. there's nowt as queer as folk. Ah. well, that was fucking easy! Ah, well, i used to live here, too. Ah, well, it's good to see you. how's your passport status? Ah? well, perfect, then, uh, why don't you take over from here, sachs, you know, introduce our little tribe, and uh... and guide ms. rey through the... through the tower. Ah, well, i suppose that's how it goes. Ah, well, if the book has troubled you... Ah. well... Ah! well, hello! Ah, well, she's distressed. she's quite an odd person, i think. Ah. well, you're too late, i'm afraid. he's joined up. Ah, well, we all have one thing in common. Ah, well, this lesson may be something i could not have imagined. Ah, well, who hasn't, huh? Ah, well, i gotta... Ah. well, now, Ah, well, i wouldn't put much stock in them. Ah. well, thank you, then... Ah, well, see... technically, you used me as your pawn first when you jumped me. Ah. well, our money's in there... Ah, well, yes. Ah, well, i can't associate with you in that case. Ah, well, the news... why, for instance, is this thus, and what is the reason for this thusness? Ah, well, i look forward to reading it. Ah well. i want to see for myself. Ah, well, that does seem to be rather fruitless. Ah! well, never been to iceland. Ah, well. he's been trying to reach you. Yeah... ah, well... i'm just not sure about that right now. Ah, well. sit and spin. Ah. well, so, uh, shall we get some dessert? Ah, well. Ah. well, let me give you the grand tour. oh, thank you. Ah, well, as a matter of fact, i happen to be... ooh! oi! what the hell are you doing? Ah, well, there's time for that. Ah. well, mr. president, Ah, well, i'll be seeing you, colin. Ah, well, she spent time talking, i spent time listening. Ah. well, forget it. throw it down. Ah, well, i was hoping he would come here personally. Ah... well, listen, uh... maybe a rain check? Ah, well. she can't do herself too much harm, eh? Ah, well... they'll be working through the weekend. Ah. well listen, tom... man to man... Ah, well, nothing much. Ah, well, i try my best. Ah. well, look. i wanna make it up to you. Eh. ah, well. Ah! well, i'm sorry about that, dude, you know... but i feel‐‐ i feel lucky, you know? Ah, well, you've certainly had an adventure. Ah, well, is he there now? What's this thing? ah, well... Ah, well, perhaps one day. Ah, well that's really great but the autograph session is done. Um, ah, well, i love you, sue. Ah, well it's close between you and perry. Really? ah, well. Ah, well, you know, educate me. Ah... well, well, well. Ah, well, there's the baby lamb sir. Ah... well. Ah well. they've taken another. Ah, well, i guess that's why they pay me the big bucks. Ah! well... Ah... well, they're cute yet functional. What do you mean? ' ah! well, look, i, i'm fine with my hair. Ah, well... ha. well ah