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I know. where are you adam? Eight thousand, eight hundred and fifty nine one, lincoln, adam, It's a nice story, adam and eve. And in your panic, you turned to the now high chancellor adam sutler. Did you want to tell me something, adam? Adam, this isn't like you. Ray, take care of this. hold on, adam. Adam smith needs revision. what are you talking about? It's called "adrien brody or adam brody?". Hey, adam! Adam. Adam! The scripture says adam digged. Adam, good god... I called adam. Adam likes to work out. Eve! adam! Good thinking, adam. Is adam there? Shh. adam, listen to me. You don't need a gun to kill adam. Rise and shine, adam. Adam styler, plainclothes cop, works narcotics in queens. Adam silverstein. Okay. adam simon? okay. You sure about that, adam? Adam? Look, you don't know me from adam. Not this time, adam. Adam, i can't go through with it. Adam. babs. Adam, you have a photo of bigfoot. Oh, adam, what is this? Good morning, adam. Come on, adam, we haven't all day. Pacific journal of adam ewing I am a doctor, adam. I don't know you from adam. It's all lies, adam. How's it going, adam? It's all makebelieve, adam. no, it's not. it's true. We can get one hundred books on it, adam. You've gotta get me out of here, adam. You, me, adam, with mommy. This is adam nusbaum speaking. That'd be great, adam. yeah, thanks. Tell the truth, adam. Oh, adam. To adam! ... if the man standing in front of you is adam meiks. What about adam? he didn't tell anybody? Was he big? adam. Adam? adam! adam! Look, adam. he's gonna kill me. Adam, you gotta get me out of here. That's all lies, adam. We've gotta get out of here, adam. No, adam. Adam, have i ever lied to you? No, god did. adam. Where did you get this, adam? Adam! fenton! Adam is the god's hand killer, agent doyle. To bury adam in the rose garden. Now, sit still, listen to adam. remember? Now, let's talk about this, adam. To be going on a honeymoon... adam? Adam, i think we could hear some of your new stuff? No! adam is not going to take you out. Don't joke adam. i'm not! Oh, adam, it's been eighty seven years. Adam! no fucking way! not after last time. Adam, she's my sister. is she now? Adam? yeah? Thank you, adam. Yeah? adam. Adam, check this one out, man. Ian. adam, man, how are you? This is adam nusbaum from accounting. You don't know me from adam. You're welcome, adam. Hold on a sec, adam. I hear adam lang's on the island. And i would like to say adam will be... Adam, good to see you. thank you. I miss adam all the time. It's adam lang's voice from the grave. He asked me if i knew where adam lang was staying on the island.